world cup 2006: my view

Alright, I am just a watcher, not an analyst, not even an expert in soccer. I'm a fan. A cautious fan of the team we call Portugal.

Today, we found out that they will be in a group with:


FIFA's web site provides an overview of the group here.

First, I'm thinking I may just go to Germany for that time - great country to visit and maybe see some players! On second thought, I'll just watch it on the big screen.

Here is the schedule:

June 11 - Mexico vs. Iran
June 11 - Angola vs. Portugal
June 16 - Mexico vs. Angola
June 17 - Portugal vs. Iran
June 21 - Portugal vs. Mexico
June 21 - Iran vs. Angola

I would love to see Angola and Portugal go through to the next round, but most would say Portugal and Mexico, but likely, it will be Angola and Iran just because if things play like 2002, that's what will happen.

So, for Portugal's games, let's look historically how they've done playing against that country:

vs. Angola

Nov 14 2001 - Portugal won 5-1
Mar 29 1989 - Portugal won 6-0

vs. Mexico & vs. Iran
No previous matches

So, I think Portugal should make it through, and the group "appears" to be easy enough to go through, but will they? Well, that depends on a lot of things.

Here's another, probably better analysis of the group.

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