Funny thing happened while searching for the latest news stories. I bumped into this.

Yo. Kevin Federline's got a new hip-hop album droppin' in the '06. If you wanna taste of what'z to come, check out the firs' single, "PopoZao", a'ight?
Alright. So, it's been all over the Internet lately, and I myself wondered what the heck that frickin' word meant - I just figured he must have meant it to be paparazzi or something one of his kids blurted out to him, or maybe something he and Britney came up with while making out.

Then, I actually gasped when reading this:
And if you're wondering what "PopoZao" means, you're probably going to have to wait for an explanation from Mr. Spears himself because no one seems to know. However, I did do some quick researching and saw some speculation that "PopoZao" came from the Portuguese slang term for "big butt". Well... That sounds like something that he'd rap about, so I'm going with that explanation.
What.the.hell. This one is definitely a Brazilian Portuguese term - they always come up with the best slang terms for things. Although, why would he use it - does he have a big ass? Oh wait, is he talking about Britney? Please, Lord, help us all.

Update: I've actually heard the song. Note to Kevin, get yourself some Portuguese lessons. If you're going to use words in your song that are in another language, at least learn how to pronounce them, thanks.

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