cheer on miss world

Yes, it's that time of year when the new Miss World will be crowned by you! (Not to be confused with Miss Universe of course) Here is the candidate for Portugal:

Her name is Angela Maria Fonseca Spinola, and she grew up in Cape Verde but is now living is Setebal. (Hmmm...I wonder if they mean Setubal). Sounds like a great gal.

Here is another contestant, also with Portuguese (via Cape Verde) roots for Belgium!

Hmmm...if I go by the photos, this one has a much better chance!

Wait, at least there's Brazil! She looks like she's got the best chance at this one.

Well, I was going to vote online (you get 2 votes), but guess what, you have to pay 1 US$ to do that. Do I care that much about who wins? Not really, so, let others pay for you!

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