the moretto incident

For those who live in Canada, unless you have satelitte, getting RTP was not the easiest of things in the past, and most of the time, you'd have to endure old men in one of those cheesy tavernas downtown Toronto to be able to watch the soccer game.

Well, not anymore! Rogers (and I think other digital cable providers) has now made it available, and in the past 2 weeks it's been free of charge.

Besides getting hooked on the novela "Filha do Mar" (more on that later), I got hooked (mostly because I've spent a lot of time at my parents) watching the news. Earlier this week, while watching the news, one of the segments was about Benfica's acquisition of Moretto and the controversy relating to that.

First off, the slap heard around Portugal:

Source: SIC

Here's my version of the story - both Benfica and Porto wanted Moretto, but Benfica thought of it first, so Porto supposedly told this Vitor Dinis to go to Brazil, and get Moretto to sign for Porto, and he tried doing this by getting him to sign a letter saying he didn't want to sign for Benfica, even though no one from Benfica told him that they didn't want him on the team.

So, Benfica's President decides to fly to São Paulo to get his player, he gets there, gets pushed around by someone, who he assumes has been sent by this Dinis person, but still manages to get Moretto on his side. Then, for some apparent reason, both Dinis, Moretto and Benfica's president get on the same plane back from Brazil to Portugal. Benfica's prez whines about Dinis to some of his hench men, who wait for the guy coming out the flight, chase him down with some cameras, and slap him around. The above photo is that slap.

I wish I had made all that up, but it just makes me think how childish the game is. Or, at least, how smart those people behind the marketing of Benfica and Porto are in setting up the kind of incident that will make the fans of those clubs even more passionate about their teams, buy more merchandise, watch more games, visit the stadiums, buy tickets, and so on....it's all about the money people.

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