filha do mar

Having RTP has made me feel like I was back in Portugal! The one show that I got hooked on in a couple of days was Filha do Mar, a Portuguese telenovela about Marta, who met her soulmate Salvador, was torn apart from him, but not before getting pregnant, had his child, someone told her he was dead, became a doctor and then, miracles of all miracles, was assigned to Ribatejo where.....Salvador, alive and well, living with his current wife Sofia and son, Tomas.

You can read about it here - it's in Portuguese, unfortunately. Here's its official site.

I would love to know how it ends....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Uma Portuguesa,

I read in your blog that you would love to know how “Filha do Mar” ended. I would love to tell you on how it all ended, but before I do I would just like to ask you if ever managed to find out from someone on how it all ended? If you never found out on how it all ended, I would love to tell you on how it all ended.