na boca do mundo: mtv europe awards 2005

Portugal, more specifically, Lisbon was host to the MTV Europe Awards earlier this month. I watched it, and enjoyed it. I liked that they tried to bring in some Portuguese flavour in it, like MTV normally does for every city they host in. My favorite presenters were Nuno Gomes and Luis Figo though. Check out the MTV Europe Awards site here. Check out the MTV Portugal site here.

My favorite performance was Coldplay. Somehow, they've managed that I like them once again. There was a moment there...and Nelly Furtado was there was well but not performing - just being her Portuguese self presenting an award.

Each country has its own award, and for Best Portuguese, the following were nominated:

Blasted Mechanism
Da Weasel
Boss AC
The Gift

Upon reading that list, I would give the prize to Humanos, only because I heard their music when I was on vacation there earlier this year, and they've got an excellent CD. If you've heard Maria Albertina, then you know what I'm talking about. I like this page about them. This site has a great history behind Antonio Variações, who is the inspiration behind Humanos.

But, they didn't win, The Gift won. Check out their win here on their official site.

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