Pão Com Chouriço

Just in time for lunch time, today, I wanted to celebrate a great eat whenever you are in Portugal in August (mostly).  It is the Pão Com Chouriço that you can buy a many Festas Populares.

It is super yummy, and just a good reason to sit and have a drink with friends.  Plus, it makes it that much easier to watch people go by.  This is a national past time, after all.

Here is an example of the type of vendors you'll find.  They go through and show you how they prepare it and everything.  Makes me miss it that much more!

I also found another site that actually has a great recipe to make it at home with.   Oh my goodness, her photos are great, made me that much hungrier for pão com chouriço!

Photo from Flicker.  Great shot!

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