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Welcome back. I haven't been paying as much attention to this blog as I should, I know, but I promise to do better. It's just been a crazy couple of weeks. What can I say. So, without much further ado, let's get down to Portuguese business and find out what's going on in the luso world.

Benfica never made it to the finals of the UEFA Champions League:

Keep wishing, one day it'll happen. They also didn't win the championship. Neither did Sporting. Porto did:

Poor player, after winning the game, the fans actually ripped his clothes off and he had to be taken away by a bodyguard. What is wrong with the Mafia Azul?

At least choose someone with a decent body!

Scolari seems undecided, don't you think?

Portugal's Brazilian national soccer team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari gestures as he tells journalists he has no comments to make while leaving the Portuguese Football Federation office in Jamor, 10 km west of Lisbon, 27 April 2006. According to reports published in London 27 April 2006, Scolari is poised to take over from Sven-Goran Eriksson as manager of England

It looks like he changed his mind pretty quickly. I think it was after he saw the photos of the stripped Porto player. If Portuguese people do that to you if you win, imagine if you left their only hope for a possible World Cup win team in the cold a month before the tournament started to go for a rival team!

And this weekend, the people went to Fatima:

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