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A lot has happened these last 10 days, and when it concerns Portugal, there's been a flurry of activity. There is lots to talk about, but I don't think I'll get to it all today, although most of it has been in sports, as usual.

Benfica, Benfica, Benfica

They started the week with a loss to Victoria de Guimaraes, and ended up with two wins at home - one with Liverpool and the other to Porto.

Lucia returns home to Fatima

The remains of the last of the shepherd children of Fatima were moved to Fatima last Sunday.

The new Portuguese uniforms
On February 13th, the new uniforms, still done by Nike were unveiled in Portugal. These will be worn by the national team in Germany in 2006. They actually look better.

And in other news...
Here is a recap of some of the most interesting stories of late:

Naming your kid in Portugal can be really complicated! - Honey, let‘s name junior UFO!
Let the planning begin - Scolari plots Portugal progress
...and let's party - it's Carnival!!
Until next time, I am...
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