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A photo by Paul French for the Globe and Mail, He visited the Azores and wrote a great article about his visit there, and it makes me want to visit that part of Portugal even more.

I remember landing in Ponta Delgada one year when returning back to Canada, and the view of the ocean when landing was amazing. I had never landed in an airport like that, and the air and the view when getting on the plane to go back to Canada was amazing. It was probably one of the only instances where I actually liked to go through a particular airport. Paul French actually makes it sound much better - here's an example:
More recently, the Azores are being explored by visitors in search of clean and unspoiled vistas and the thrill of finding oneself in utter isolation, whether it's on a cliff high above the sea, trekking through fields of wild hydrangeas, swimming in warm tidal pools or standing on the edge of a volcanic crater.
We've celebrated the beauty that is Portugal, but now, we have to move on to, what sometimes is considered an uglier side of that country, the national soccer league. The 22nd "jornada" had the following matches:

V.Setubal - Sporting CP
Belenenses - FC Porto
Maritimo - V.Guimarães (will play on February 13th)
Académica - Boavista
SL Benfica - Penafiel
P.Ferreira - Gil Vicente
Nacional - U. Leiria
Rio Ave - Naval
SC Braga - E. Amadora

The current standings are as follows:

FC Porto - 48
Sporting CP - 43
SL Benfica - 43
SC Braga - 41
Nacional - 39
Boavista - 38
V.Setubal - 33
U. Leiria - 31
Maritimo - 27
E. Amadora - 27
Rio Ave - 26
Académica - 26
Belenenses - 25
P.Ferreira - 25
Gil Vicente - 24
Naval - 21
V.Guimarães - 17
Penafiel - 11

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