dec 5/6: the news

Here are the latest, greatest news stories that I find relevant to post:

* CIA Flights? What flights? - Condoleezza Rice Visits CIA's Europe All over Europe...all over!

* Euro 2008 Selection: England among top seeds. The World Cup isn't over yet, but we're already considered top seeds for the 2008 Euro - seems kinda fixed to me, but whatever.

* Back on the World Cup picking: World Cup draw sure to draw ire. I can see your point Scolari, but let's not whine about it, let's just win, no matter who we're up against (that is if the whole thing isn't fixed again! Yes, I said it.)

* Upcoming game: Benfica vs. Manchester United Just win, that's all. Just win.

* Teaching Port: Port, Wood Port, Ruby Port, Vintage Port and more...

* Promoting the Algarve: Algarve on show in Canada

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