dec 24-29: the news & images

Well, I took a break! A nice, week long break from this blog of mine that has now become a hobby. Here are some of the news stories from the past week:

* A Portuguese Christmas miracle: 'Dead' man starts coughing
* Maniche move talks continue
* Secretary-General appoints Victor da Silva Angelo of Portugal as Executive Representative for UN Integrated Office for Sierra Leone
* Portugal Proposes 1.5% Public Sector Wage Hike For '06
* Dakar: Portugal start 'novelty' for raiders

Everyone was too busy enjoying the bacalhau to make news. Here are some of the images:

Hamid Karzai, president of Afghanistan visiting Portugal.

Manuel Alegre, considered to be 2nd or 3rd in people's opinion to be elected President.

He's all happy because he's getting paid more money than me. His name is Gustavo Manduca.

Dakar in Lisbon.

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