dec 10/11: the news

What news stories are making headlines across the world about Portugal? Check them out:

* He said it - WC Draw: (Portugal) Scolari: “We Can’t Complain”
* Please, take the attention away from Portugal - Group D looks good for Mexico - so we can just beat you and move on
* Go Italia! - Italians should be worried about matchup with U.S. - Just because you beat Portugal doesn't mean you'll beat Italy (then again, maybe what I want to say is Go USA! Aaah, who cares!)

* New business - Portugal Endorses Plan for Oil Refinery
* How's Portugal's GPD doing? - Portugal Q3 GDP down 0.9 pct vs Q2, up 0.2 pct vs yr-earlier
* The state of Europe according to Time: Better Luck Next Year
* Is this a joke? - Ingrates! I’m off... - Maybe I don't get British humour.

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